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Marichal Wines tasted at Santiago de Chile for USA


Marichal Wines tasted at Santiago de Chile by representatives of relevant distributors from several states of the USA.


Vinos Marichal fueron catados en Santiago de Chile, por representantes de importantes distribuidoras de varios estados de los EEUU.

Since 2013 Marichal family wines ( begin to reach to a significant portion of the North American country. Until that date they had been distributed in Texas and Minnesota, to which the winery exports directly since 2012. By mid 2013, the winery from Canelones signs a distribution agreement with The Global Vineyard (, a North American importer specialized in family-scale wineries from South America. .

Marichal is added as an exclusive Uruguayan-flag to a portfolio of seven Chilean wineries and Ricardo Santos, renowned for its Malbec, from Mendoza, Argentina. This agreement was effective at a national level for the rest of the US states. As from September 2013, by way of testing, the distribution of three Marichal labels began, which at present are already being distributed in Chicago, Hawaii, California, and Utah, among others. In 2014, having succeeded at this test, the direction of the American company decided to expand the portfolio to seven Bodega Marichal wines.

Last Thursday February 27, on the occasion of an "Incentive Trip" of North American distributors organized by The Global Vineyard in Chile, Marichal presented the new additions to the portfolio. The location chosen for the tasting and the private dinner was the residence of the renowned Chilean Chef, Francisco Klimscha Bittig, founder of Slow Food Chile and current eno-gastronomical businessman. Among the guests were the CEO and purchase directors from current Marichal clients, as well as new clients from Colorado, Arizona, and Virginia. The delegation arrived in Chile led by Global Vineyard's CEO, Larry Challacombe, accompanied by his team of area managers.

The tasting was perfectly matched with dishes prepared at the chef's personal kitchen at the quiet neighborhood of Providencia. For the whites the selection was a seafood and fish pebre. As the main dish, matching with varietal red wines, there were three types of organic meats, veal, pork and lamb, cooked in three different ways, with a side dish of grilled vegetables and barley risotto. As a dessert, the chef created a perfect dish to taste with the Marichal Pinot Noir/Tannat, a warm berries soup: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, sarsaparilla and murta with vanilla artisanal ice cream. To close the evening with the greatest aging Uruguayan Tannats, an artisanal breads platter and a variety of regional cheeses. At that moment, the host surprised his guests with a tradition from his home: toasting wearing a great variety of traditional hats from several countries, from Nepal to Colombia, including Brazil, Switzerland and Pakistan. A fun detail that permitted relaxing the concentration from the tasting.