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Marichal Wines tasted at Santiago de Chile for USA

André Dominé at Bodega Marichal:
New book about Uruguayan wines.

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Premium Handcrafted wines from Uruguay

manos_vinedoFor over 70 years, Bodega Marichal has been our boutique family winery. Following our proud family tradition, as well as using the most modern winemaking techniques, we produce Premium Uruguayan wines. Grapes 100% hand picked and a small family winery allow us to obtain every harvest, unique handcrafted wines.


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bottrkeWhat Uruguayan Tannat tastes like  - W. Blake Gray

You may think of Tannat as the tannic grape of Madiran in southern France, nearly undrinkable on release. Rare versions of Tannat in other countries tend to be full-bodied.